Saw this tuxedo top on Lala and always wanted to do a DIY post on this but never got around to it. Then lately, I saw the same shirt on Khloe Kardashian.

I thought this will be a great time to do one. I searched the web for less expensive version(you know i'm all about savings. Got a baby to send to college in 15 years lol) and I couldnt find one. So when I do get around from my busy schedule, that involves, baby, household, school work and many more, I'll show you my actually product.

Check out what you will need below.


a)Purchase a sheer button down shirt. Buy :here

b)You can either use an old white fabric at home or purchase one from a fabric store like Joanns. You will need needle and thread if sewing by hand or a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.

c)Cut out the shape of the white fabric as seen on the shirt Lala and Khloe are wearing.

d)dont forget to trace and cut out button holes on the white fabric.

e) Sew fabric onto sheer top and you are done. Please dont forget to use white thread or same color thread as the added fabric to the sheer shirt.

When I have done this, I have a more visual post on how to attain the look.

Have any DIY ideas you would like to share or want done? send me an email at

I have been trying to experiment with the current color block trend and I came across lots of inpirations. Finally decided to go with the blue,green and pink color combo. Seems simple right? Unfortunately i couldnt find a green dress i really liked. I looked online, went into stores. Nothing! Then i finally had this light bulb moment. Why dont I make one. So I headed to Joann's fabrics and bought some fabric and other things i would need in my first sewing process.Oh i forgot one little detail. I dont have a sewing machine so this dress was done by hand.

Click on the Picture for better viewing!

Yup. all of that was done by hand. I started out at 10pm on Friday night(dont ask why) and ended up at 4pm Saturday. Dont ask me why i went through all this stress. i was just determined and all i could visualize was the final product.So what do you think. Well i was heading out to a birthday party later on that saturday evening and this was the final product or should i say ensemble.

newdress5, originally uploaded by entermycloset.

newdress6, originally uploaded by entermycloset.

newdress7, originally uploaded by entermycloset.

Not bad huh? lol

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